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About Eastern Garment

Eastern Uniforms is leads the industry to supply and Manufacturers’ Uniforms to all the Corporate Sector all over the world. We have been supplying of Uniforms to Banks, Companies, Securities, Fir protection, Games, Activities of Companies, and Industries since 1987. Now we are in third Generation to serving our best quality service to our customer to enhance their trust for long terms.

We don’t have any limit of work rather we can complete any quantity of task in committed time and periods because we always care about commitment and never compromise in quality.

Call to invite us on your desk for better selection about your uniform needs. We have thousand quality of fabric with A1 quality whose many big industries and corporate are using.

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About Owner

This is Owais Hassan owner of Eastren Garment uniforms manufacturers and distributor. We have been working since 2000 in textile and uniforms industry.